Monday, June 04, 2007

BarCampRDU 2007 Updates: Date change, Sponsorships, and Call for Organizers

Hope you're having a wonderful June so far. Here are a few updates regarding BarCampRDU 2007.

1) Most important, the date of BarCampRDU has been changed to August 4, 2007. Originally the date of BarCampRDU coincided with with the Ruby Hoedown (, which looks like an excellent conference for Ruby programmers.

2) A number of sponsors have stepped up to support BarCampRDU. They are:

The Aurora Funds (2nd year)
rPath (2nd year)
6th Sense Analytics (2nd year)
CED (2nd year)
Carrboro Coworking

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors. We still have $1800 outstanding in our sponsorship budget, so if you or your company would like to sponsor BarCampRDU, please contact me directly.

3) Organizers. If you would like to be on the organizing committee of BarCampRDU, please contact me directly. Organizers will be responsible for pulling BarCampRDU off - last year about 7 of us made BarCampRDU happen. Please contact me directly to be an organizers.

Additionally, I am looking for a main organizer. This person will be responsible for coordinating all of the organizers. Due to some travel, I am unable to take this role this year. Experience with unconference or conference management is a big plus for the organizer role. Again, please contact me directly to schedule an interview.

As you can see, a lot of progress has been made toward BarCampRDU. In July, we will open the signups up, but don't worry you'll have plenty of warning!