Tuesday, July 18, 2006

BarCampRDU Info

Only a few more days till BarCamp! Here's some stuff you need to know.
  • BarCampRDU doors will open at 8AM on Saturday. Get here early to avoid the rush.
  • We need people to bring WAPs. Can you bring yours? If so, configure i to broadcast "BarCampRDU" as the SSID. You'll just plug it in the wall on the day of. Label your WAP.
  • We need people to bring power strips AND extension cords. Bring one and share alike. Label your cords and power strips.
  • BarCamp confirmed attendance is at almost 120, and we've got a few spots left for the pre-event. If you haven't confirmed, do it now as you'll lose your spot on Thursday!
  • BarCamp will end around 6, rather than 5:30. This is so we can accomodate 4 afternoon time slots.

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