Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Important: Two-Week Confirmation, Pre-Event Signup

Hello BarCampers!

In just a few days, it will be two weeks until BarCampRDU! Very exciting.

We've got a very long waiting list for BarCamp, and I'd like to accommodate as many of these folks as possible. To do this, I've got to have a good count on how many people are coming to BarCamp.

The task is simple - if you are a registered BarCamper, I will need you to add your name to a list of "confirmed attendees". This has been a requirement since we started taking names on the wiki, so no groaning.

There are a few rules:
  1. If you are in the list of 150, you need to add your name to the confirmed list. Please don't remove your name from the list of 150 on the front page, you just need to add it to the confirmed list. If you are not in the 150, you may not add your name to the confirmed list.
  2. You have until 5PM on Tuesday, July 18th to do this. If your name isn't on the confirmed list at this time, you will lose your spot and someone from the waiting list will get it.
  3. When you add your name to the confirmed list, we will use your spelling and formatting on the badges. You may also include your company affiliation if you would like this printed on the badges.
  4. Work together. If your friend is signed up for BarCamp and hasn't put their name on the list, send them an email and remind them. We don't want people to lose their spots just because they didn't read this post.
And finally, to make the deal a little sweeter, this officially marks the beginning of signup for the BarCampRDU pre-event. The pre-event will be held at Tyler's Taproom in Durham on Friday, July 21 from 7-9PM. It will feature free food and drinks for all attendees. The pre-event is only for confirmed BarCampRDU attendees, and the event is capped to the first 75 attendees.

Here are the all-important links:
Confirmed Attendees List:
Pre-Event Signup:

So, BarCampers - we're in the final stretch. Just add your name to the confirmed attendee list, and you're all good. I've tried to keep this as simple as possible, so I hope you'll understand. Let me know if you have any questions!

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