Thursday, July 13, 2006

Closing in on a week!

In a little over a week we'll be meeting at BarCampRDU! I'm quite excited and I hope you are too. Over the course of the next week you'll get a few more informational emails that will prove useful if you're attending BarCampRDU.

Today, the site went down for most of the day, so we'll extend the signup deadline by a day. As right now, we're at 88 confirmed attendees. We expected some attrition, but - if you know someone who has signed up that hasn't confirmed, please ping him or her.

Some other things to plan for - we'll need people to bring the following things to BarCampRDU:

  • Power strips - If you're coming to BarCampRDU, bring a power strip! We're going to need lots of power at the event.
  • Wireless Access Points - Yes, BarCampRDU needs connectivity. Bring your WAP from home, and you can just plug it into the wall at RedHat. We're really going to need people to bring these - a conference like BarCamp uses tons of bandwidth, so the more WAP's, the better. I'll send more info on this as we get close to the event.
  • Projectors - We will need a few people to bring projectors. We can wrangle a few up from RedHat, but we need a few people to volunteer.

Today, we picked up the BarCampRDU T-shirts and they are awesome!!!! Thanks to Kelly Marks for donating her time and patience!

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