Wednesday, June 07, 2006

6th Sense Analytics to Sponsor BarCampRDU

I'm very pleased to report that 6th Sense Analytics has signed on as the first official sponsor of BarCampRDU! 6th Sense, Located in the Research Triangle Park, has generously offered to sponsor our awesome BarCampRDU t-shirts. The BarCampRDU shirts, free for all attendees, which will feature a logo designed by Chris Messina, one of the creators of BarCamp.

Here's a little about 6th Sense: 6th Sense Analytics is the first and only on-demand solution to enable software development professionals to quantify their activities in real time. While every other aspect of business has the ability to quantify its activities, until now software development (and other engineering development areas) are devoid of any metrics to drive decision-making. 6th Sense’s unique solution integrates with leading development tools to observe and measure the activities being conducted and resulting artifacts.

A cool company with a cool product, I'm incredibly grateful to 6th Sense for stepping up with this generous sponsorship. If you'd like to find out more about 6th Sense, cruise over to their website. On behalf of all BarCampers, I'd like to personally thank 6th Sense for helping to make BarCamp awesome.

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