Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blogads Joins as BarCampRDU Sponsor

Blogads, the charming Carrboro-based blog advertising powerhouse, has signed on as a BarCampRDU sponsor! I'm a big fan of Blogads, so I'm really excited to see them on board. Blogads, led by Henry Copeland, will help fund our pre-BarCamp activities - it is looking like we're going to have a pretty fun event (location to be disclosed soon) on the Friday evening before BarCamp.

Here's a little bit about Blogads from their website: "Bloggers are the ultimate intellectual entrepreneurs and blogs are where opinions get made these days. Blogs are among the few intimate, authentic spaces left on the Internet and, as such, are a uniquely powerful place for advertisers to break through the Internet's gazillion page impression clutter. We think that by banding together, bloggers can articulate, define and get properly compensated for the unique value they deliver to advertisers."

I love their great blogads, and the blogads manifesto is a worthy read (any manifesto that cites Duncan Watts and indirectly cites Jon Kleinberg is right up my alley). I'd like to thanks Blogads - and use this as an invitation to invite other sponsors to come and support the pre-BarCampRDU festivities. We're looking forward to a weekend built around sharing and collaboration - what better way to kick that off than with a social hour?

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