Friday, June 02, 2006

BarCampRDU Public Service Announcement

In an effort to promote BarCamp, I've sent around the following public service announcement to WXYC (Chapel Hill, 89.3 FM) and WXDU (Durham, 88.7FM).

Bar Camp RDU will be held on Saturday, July 22, 2006 in Raleigh. A Bar Camp is a free, open meeting of people interested in teaching and learning about new technologies. Bar Camp is limited to 150 participants, so to find out more and to register, please visit the Bar Camp RDU website at, or simply Google "Bar Camp RDU".
The spacing is there on purpose - this is for radio DJ's to read on the air. If there are any radio stations I've missed, feel free to send this PSA over to them.

1 comment:

Calvin said...

I do a show on Saturdays on WCOM in Carrboro so I'll start doing promos for the evetn on my show.

However, you ought to post this to their PSA page so that oher DJs will add it to their PSA lists for their shows.

The URL to post PSAa to their web site is:

I would do it for you but they need some contact information which I'm not sure who you want to have listed.

I'm really loking forward to the event!