Friday, June 09, 2006

Call for Organizers and Volunteers

I'm amazed to report that BarCampRDU just added its 150th camper - which means we're full. Incredible - considering we only started this process on May 25th. Thanks to everyone who spread the word about BarCampRDU.

At this time, I'd like to formally issue the call for Organizers and Volunteers. Basically, I'm setting up two different levels of commitment, depending on how much time you have.

Organizers will be responsible for the actual logistics of BarCamp. Organizers will work with me setting up catering, getting refreshments, making nametags, herding our lovely sponsors, spec'ing out the site and thinking about and planning for every possible contingency. It won't be a huge time commitment, but it will take effort. You'll be expected to come to a few meetings, you'll brainstorm tasks, and you'll be expected to carry them out. If you think this is up your alley - let me know. *Please only volunteer to be an organizer if you have time.* I'll need 5 folks to step up to this role.

Volunteers will be our day-of folks. They will man the tables, help set up and tear down, help with the catering, help with computer trouble, guide lost BarCampers, moderate the product demo sessions, and generally be the people that make BarCamp run smoothly and effortlessly. This is less of a time commitment, but these positions are absolutely key. And don't worry - being a volunteer won't completely eat up your day - you'll definitely be able to enjoy a big part of BarCamp. I'll need 10 folks to be the BarCamp volunteers.

If you're interested in stepping up and being a BarCampRDU organizer or volunteer, just drop me a line at fred at

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