Friday, June 09, 2006

BarCampRDU Almost Full!

As I write this, we've got ten slots left at BarCampRDU. The power of the blogosphere never ceases to amaze - just a few days ago we had ten attendees.

As a result, I've added a waiting list to BarCampRDU. Once we hit 150 signups, folks who want to attend BarCampRDU should start adding their names to the waiting list. It is a simple fact that not everyone who has claimed the first 150 spots will be able to come - family, the beach, travel, or just the desire to sleep in on a Saturday will claim some attendees. So don't worry - just add your name to the waiting list and we'll sort it out. The one thing I request is you respect the order of the waitlist queue - I want to be fair to folks.

I should also note that our sponsors need not worry about being shut out of the event. We'll be reserving spaces for our sponsors to show our appreciation for their amazing generosity.

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