Saturday, June 03, 2006

BarCampers, Claim your Sessions

Now that we've got a date and a location, Bar Campers can start claiming sessions. Here's a direct link to the claimed session page on the wiki. I've claimed the first session as an example.

Now, you don't need to claim a session to present at BarCamp, but if you do, it will help you get the word out, and it will help you find collaborators if you want to co-lead a session. BarCamps are very fluid, so please welcome people who want to work with you on a topic.

Now, quickly, a note about topics. Present about whatever you know and love. You want to lead a session about advanced refactoring techniques? Fine. A session about blogging for beginners? Fine. A session about robotics, or electronic music, or volunteering? Fine. A healthy spread of topics covering a variety of skill levels makes for the best unconferences. You may have 1 or 100 people in your session, but as long as you're teaching, learning and enjoying yourself - you've doing absolutely the right thing.

In other news, we've already got 40 BarCampers signed up! That's fantastic - make sure you tell your friends to sign up early, because we're going to be space and resource-limited to about 150 folks. Robin Dunbar would be proud.

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katuah said...

questions from novice barcamper, to Fred or anyone?

let's say there's a suggested session you'd really like to see happen, nobody has claimed it, but you aren't an expert or even all that knowledgeable (yet) on the topic... should you claim the session anyway, and request help/co-presenters in the description? how "expert" do you need to be on any given topic to claim a session? will sessions be open discussion or straight-up lecture stuff? is there a BarCamp One True Way Of Doing It?